Welcome to Chattering Children!

All children at Chattering Children have a diagnosed hearing loss, and benefit from hearing aids or cochlear implants. At Chattering Children it is our privilege to serve a diverse population of children and families. We recognize that each child arrives not just with a specific diagnosis, but also with unique strengths, challenges, and personality traits. We work with each family to design a path for progress with the objective of helping the child to achieve his or her potential, recognizing that each child may progress at a different rate. We believe that maximizing a child’s abilities to listen and speak provide the greatest opportunities for social integration, academic success, and long-term quality of life.

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“From the moment we walked into the doors of Chattering Children we knew that our son’s needs would be taken care of. You have given our family support and direction at a time when we truly needed it. Your work with our son, and with our family, has given us a wonderful foundation on which we continue to grow and learn.” – Monica

“My husband and I have attended two therapy sessions with our granddaughter. We were immediately impressed by the great friendliness and joy from the staff when she came in – indicating they had been eagerly waiting her arrival. The professionalism and interest in our granddaughter was clearly evident. We appreciated being encouraged to participate in her therapy sessions.” – Susan